Fashionable Workwear


In recent years more and more people are taking more interest in there image. I think its hard not to when were constantly being bombarded by pictures of blokes like David Beckham posing in his CK boxer shorts or showing off his designer stubble. Like what has happened to women for what seems like for ever us gents are beginning to get a little self conscious.

TV and magazine seem to be full of incredibly pretty girls all dressed up to the nines. It often makes you feel that these people are out of my league.

Let me tell you one thing. They most certainly are not.

So should I rush out and buy a new suit. Should I buy those funky jeans I saw some madferrit rapper wearing last week.

No. Stop. That cool as a cucumber rapper can get away with dressing like a clown shoe. Usually because he drives a Bentley, and has more money than it often seems possible to own.

Dress to what you do. Most of the people who read this column certainly aren’t usually city traders or rappers for that matter. We’re plumbers, builders, brick layers and all those other dirty trader where you wouldn’t want to wear an Armani suit to even if you could.

Perhaps one of the most important things the trades man can own is good quality work wear. Good quality work wear keeps you warm. It keeps you dry. But above all else it keeps you safe.

One often over looked point of work wear is how long one wears it for. For example the average electrician works about nine hours Monday to Friday. That’s nearly fifty hours a week! Not to mention the time it take to get to and from work and remember some people don’t change clothes when the get in from work. (We’re talking about work wear her not actually work.) If we also say the average person sleeps for eight hours a night, which equates to 56 hours a week. So out of a one hundred and sixty eight hour week the our Joe Bloggs average electrician spends around a third of his time in his work gear.

What I can’t really understand is for something that you spend so much time in why not buy the best you can afford. As apposed to the mentality “Its only for work. Any old this will do.”

In making an effort for work not only will you look physically better. You will mentally feel much more successful and confident. Even if its just a small amount. In this day and age this writer defiantly believes its worth in.

Once you start dressing better for work you’ll sub consciously start dressing better all the time. There aren’t many companies out there that make nice work wear. Most of it is functional first fashionable never. However I do know of a few, and in which way to point you. Snickers are a Swedish company that have got a fantastic looking range of garments that haven’t lost there ruggedness or there functionality. Another Company that most of you will have heard off is CAT or Caterpillar. And Finally one more for good luck. Timberland, the favourite of the rapper.

Nice t-shirts for work. Shirts when your off, and not a nasty 80 looking shirt either. A nice, trendy shirt.

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